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[Ended] Halloween Event 2020


Astris Halloween Event

It's time to dust off your spooky costumes and don them, for Halloween has arrived in AstrisRO!

From 7th October 2020, 00:00 (GMT+8) - 3rd November 2020, 21:59 (GMT+8), the veil between the living and the undead is lifted... Ghostly beings have crept through and are prowling around Rune-Midgard in search for some fresh meat fun!

Participate in our Halloween events for various rewards from our chilling friends!


There are two (2) currencies during this event:

•  Astris Halloween Coin [Obtained from Munak's Kitchen, Trick-or-Treat, and Daily Playtime Rewards]
•  Astris Stellaris Key [Obtained from House of Shifting Rooms (Instance)]

Currencies are account-bound.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Both currencies will be removed during maintenance on the 17th November 2020, 22:00 (GMT+8) (Tuesday maintenance). Be sure to spend all your currencies before then!


Jakk the Trader

Jakk the Trader (not to be confused with Jack the Ripper) has set up a parlour to sell his assortment of earthly and unearthly wares. He will only accept Astris Halloween Coins or Astris Stellaris Keys, as zeny is useless in his own realm. Aristia has also forced him to rent out durational costumes for free so that players may use it for trick-or-treat.

Check out his shop for awesome wares, such as:

     •  Costume Bat Stole
     •  Costume Black Witch Hat
     •  Costume Vampire Familiar
     •  +9 Refine Tickets
     •  +7 Refine Tickets
     •  Enriched Ores
     •  Boarding Halter
     •  Alternate Costume
     ... and more!

•  All of his wares are account-bound.

•  Main Town (dewata 188, 121).



House of Shifting Rooms (Instance)

Niflheim, the land of the dead, is no place to be wandering around. While spirits roam the area, finding a haunted house is no surprise. However, Leliana and Alistair has stumbled upon one and is now trapped within! Can you help Alistair locate his master within the House of Shifting Rooms? Can you escape should you venture in alone? Save Leliana and be rewarded by Alistair (who is actually of royal blood)!

Boss Stats
•  Shifting Spirit
HP: 1,240,500
Size: Large
Race: Demon
Element: Undead (Lv:4)

•  1 x Astris Stellaris Key.
•  1 x Class Soul (Random) (Acolyte Soul, Mage Soul, etc).

•  The event is a solo-instance and re-entry is possible.
•  Players may only complete the instance once per day per account.
•  This instance will reset every day at 00:00 (GMT+8).

•  Niflheim (niflheim 207, 219).



Munak's Kitchen

Munak was all stoked to enter the living realm and feast upon all the delicacies humans have to offer... But alas, the dishes are less than stellar for the undead's palate! Munak is now taking it upon herself to provide delectable (by the undead's standards) dishes for her friends who are visiting this realm, and she needs your help with gathering the ingredients!

•  10 x Astris Halloween Coin per quest.

•  Quests are repeatable.

•  Astris Academy's Kitchen, beside Chef Aruru.




The undead is just as excited as you are to celebrate Halloween, and they're more than pleased to do so with some good ol' trick-or-treat! 10 undead beings have taken up residence in Niflheim and its surrounding fields. Rent a costume from Jakk the Trader, don them, and pay them a visit! Depending on their mood, they may treat you to some Astris Halloween Coins or random buffs, or they might just trick you instead...

•  70% chance to obtain 10 x Astris Halloween Coin per NPC.
•  10% standalone chance to obtain random buff (30 minutes double drop rate, 30 minutes double EXP, OR 30 minutes Assumptio).

•  Players may only trick-or-treat each NPC once per day per account.
•  Trick-or-treat will reset every day at 00:00 (GMT+8).
•  The 10 NPCs will shift their locations every day at 00:00 (GMT+8).

•  10 NPCs scattered around Niflheim and its surrounding fields:

     •  Ancient Mummy
     •  Celine Kimi
     •  Dracula
     •  Hyegun
     •  Incubus
     •  Miyabi Ningyo
     •  Skeleton Worker
     •  Succubus
     •  Zherlthsh
     •  Zombie Guard



Daily Playtime Rewards

No one likes to spend time without receiving something in return, so we are giving away extra Halloween Coins to players as a reward for playing AstrisRO! Stay online for 30 minutes to receive 5 x Astris Halloween Coin, with a maximum of 2 hours per day!

•  5 x Astris Halloween every 30 minutes.

•  Players may only receive the reward 4 times per day per account, as it is capped at 2 hours per day.
•  Players can check the remaining time before they receive the next reward via @etime command.


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