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[05-01-2021] Update

Dear Astrisians,

Please head over to #changelogs to read our latest changelog, or read it in our forum at

End of Christmas Event

The Christmas Event has ended, and the snow has melted! We hope players have enjoyed the event.

Mr. Peachy will remain for two more weeks for any last minute gift exchanges. Don't forget to spend your coins!

Celestial Theatre

Lysandra, relative to Lady Hell has decided to reside at Dewata with her companion, the Celestial Fairy. She bring forth a new challenge for adventurers to achieve, and will be rewarded handsomely by their endeavors, if they can put up a good show for her.

Adventurers are invited to form teams to perform in the Celestial Theatre and be rewarded with the Astris Star Fragments. These Astris Star Fragments can then be exchanged with the Celestial Fairy for a plethora of accessories, which not only empower their users, but also open up different potential for different classes.

Lysandra and the Celestial Fairy can be found at Dewata (206, 122)

Please refer to the forum for more information on the Celestial Theatre:

Headgear Quests

We've added a headgear quest!

Smith has finally unveiled one of his greatest creation, the Mob Scarf (28502). However, he is still unable to go on adventures. Could players give him the experience by sharing him some of their adventure rewards?

Location: In Rockridge (harboro1)

Refine Ticket Shop Update

The Access to 12 Armor & Weapon Certificate is now available in the Refine Ticket Shop using Instance Points!

Use this certificate on equipment with refine levels 9 and above to immediately upgrade it to refine level 12!

Please note that the number of refine tickets required varies according to the equipment refine level.


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