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AstrisRO's Server Rules

AstrisRO's Server Rules

We will NEVER ask for your account and/or account password.

Any person who signs up for an account, connects to our server, and/or engages with us in any way or form, shall be deemed to have given their unconditional agreement to be bound by all the rules in our server, regardless of whether they had read the rules in its entirety, or their ability to understand and interpret them.

We reserve the following rights:
•    To change and/or modify the rules without prior notice.
•    To administer any form of punishment as we deem fit.
•    Staff's decisions are final.


(1) Main Language
•    Our main language is English.
•    Players are encouraged to speak in English on public chat in our main town, channels, forum, and Discord.

(2) Social Decorum
•    Players must conduct themselves in an appropriate and proper manner at all times.
•    Be civil and respectful towards other players and staff.

(3) Harassment
•    Offensive or degrading remarks, insults, mockery, verbal abuse, racial slurs, libel, threats, or any other hostile behaviour, shall not be tolerated.
•    Do not beg other players or staff for any items, zeny, levels, etc.

(4) Inappropriate Language
•    Any use of language that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, obscene, or racially offensive, is considered as inappropriate and is not allowed. This is applicable to both explicit and implicit language, images, or links to other websites.
•    Do not use inappropriate names for your character, pet, homunculus, party, guild, forum, and Discord.

(5) Hacking / Thievery
•    Hacking other players’ account is strictly prohibited.

(6) Scam
•    All dealings, interactions, or transactions with the intention to mislead, deceive, or defraud other players into doing something to their detriment or deprive them of their property are strictly prohibited.

(7) Bug Abuse
•    Do not exploit bugs or glitches. Report them immediately to the staff.

(8) Rule-Breaking
•    Do not assist or be a bystander in any rule-breaking activities. Report them immediately to the staff.

(9) Impersonation
•    Do not impersonate other players or staff by using similar names to that of another player or staff or attempt to assume their identity in any way. This includes characters, pet, homunculus, party, guild, forum, and Discord names.

(10) Spreading of False Information
•    Do not spread false information about other players or staff.
•    Do not spread false information about any upcoming news or changes to the server.
•    Do not spread false information about any content in-game.
•    Do not spread false information to cause any drama.

(11) Spam
•    Do not spam or flood text chats.
•    Do not spam skills or spells in town.
•    Do not spam skills or spells inappropriately or unnecessarily in the given situation e.g. spamming skills in an event map.

(12) Disrespecting / Defying Staff
•    Do not obstruct the staff from carrying out their duties e.g. spamming PM or @request during events, etc.
•    Respect that the staff’s decision is final and do not defy, flame, grief, or abuse the staff in any way.
•    If you believe that you have been punished or treated unfairly by a staff, request for a review under #general-support channel in our Discord.

(13) Account Sharing / Item Lending
•    Account sharing shall be done at your own risk and you are fully accountable for the actions of whomever is playing on your account.
•    Any losses resulting from your account sharing is your own responsibility.
•    The above is applicable for item lending.

(14) AFK Leveling / Farming
•    Do not train yourself or farm items while you are away by using homunculus, mercenary, reflect, autocasting, or any combination of the aforementioned.

(15) Kill-Stealing
•    Event mobs are free-for-all unless stated otherwise.
•    MVPs are free-for-all.
•    Specially summoned MVPs e.g. Thanatos, MVPs summoned via Bloody Branch, are of strict ownership to the summoners.
•    Homunculus must also observe these rules.

(16) Griefing
•    Deliberately sabotaging, disturbing, or causing distress to other players’ gameplay by using aspects of the game in unintended ways are prohibited. 
•    Do not lure, accumulate, and drag monsters to other players with the intention to obstruct or disrupt their gameplay.

(17) Advertising
•    Do not advertise other servers.
•    Use the appropriate channels when you are advertising your party or guild.

(18) Real Money Trading (RMT)
•    Selling any of the items in-game for real cash is disallowed, except via Cash Points.

(19) Game Modifications
•    Do not use any third-party program, bot, macro, or any other software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players under any circumstances.
•    Do not modify your game client or game files.


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